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Marvell Glass

Company: Marvell Glass 

Invested in:  December 2012 

Status:  active, under management

For over 50 years Marvell has been a part of Philips Lighting, and producing high quality soda-lime tubular glass for lighting products. Nowadays Marvell offers a wide range of tubular glass for a wide range of applications, such as; pharmaceutical, laboratory, (food) packaging, and interior design.

An extensive investment and construction program has been initiated to realize a rapid transformation of the furnace and manufacturing environment in order to be able to produce high quality borosilicate glass tubes. Felix Zwaryszczuk, the site’s general manager says: "I truly believe this transaction will create a credible and viable long term business perspective for the Chalon glass manufacturing operation. The market for borosilicate glass is highly attractive and has a very healthy long term outlook. Moreover, it will not only preserve but also create new jobs on site, as significant investment will be made in terms of people, capabilities and technologies."