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Nordeon Lamps

Company:  NORDEON Lamps 

Invested in:  December 2012 

Status:  active, under management

Philips Lighting, part of Royal Philips Electronics N.V. decided to sell its linear fluorescent lighting (TL) manufacturing site in Chalon-‐sur-Saone to Varova per December 3rd, 2012. The lighting manufacturing activities continue under the name NORDEON. NORDEON Lamps will continue to manufacture and supply both standard and specialty lamps to the market. NORDEON will continue to be an important supplier of linear fluorescent lighting to Philips. 

As a former Philips site, NORDEON Lamps has broad experience in the manufacturing of standard and specialty linear fluorescent lighting. In spite of the global ledification trend, the market for linear fluorescent lighting is expected to be stable in the long run. This is driven by the the combination of low cost and high energy efficiency of linear fluorescent lighting.  

NORDEON plans to invest significantly in further building technical and commercial capabilities to develop a proposition in marketing and selling linear fluorescent lamps into its key markets: industrial, retail and office. Felix Zwaryszczuk, the site’s general manager says: “This transaction creates a very solid foundation for the Chalon lamp manufacturing activities in the long run. This foundation is further strengthened by the combination of Chalon’s product range, capabilities and manufacturing platform, and Varova’s excellent track record in building stand-alone businesses out of corporate divestments.”

Contact Details
Rue Louis Jacques Thenard 2
71106 Chalon Sur Saone
Cedex France
tel: +33 3 8547 67 00