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In June 2012 Varova acquired a majority share in Sissy-Boy, a fashion retailer based in Beverwijk, The Netherlands. 

Company:  Sissy-Boy 

Invested in:  June 2012 

Status:  active, under management

Sissy-Boy is a Dutch retail brand, founded in 1982 by Michael Smit. At Sissy-Boy you can buy wearable quality
clothing, as well as interior and health care products. Sissy-Boy is a complete concept, a store for the entire
family. Because we work with our own creative and technical experts, we can guarantee delivery of authentic
Dutch quality products of international prestige at any given time.
To ensure continuity in approach, vision and personality, Sissy-Boy does not cooperate with external agencies.
We design our clothing ourselves, we develop our own fabrics and we also control production. All
image creation, including the collection brochure and the interior of our stores, is done in-house.
Regardless of where you pop in, every branch-store and component of Sissy-Boy have their own character.
You are surprised, stimulated and welcomed by enthusiast staff members who love to think along with you.
All Sissy-Boy stores have a pleasant and inviting atmosphere, making them great places to shop. Honest and
no-nonsense. Feel free to be inspired by this unique environment!

The basis of Sissy-Boy are Special Basics - wearable quality clothing. Special Basics originated from the philosophy
that the power of clothing is determined by the person wearing it, not by the expectations of the
outside world. Only personality provides clothing its full expression. At Sissy-Boy, we have an extensive collection
that is renewed and updated throughout the entire year. Our own inspirational sources, colors and
shapes are the basis for the unique personality of Sissy-Boy. We are always looking for the right combination
of simplicity, comfort and excellence to create high-quality Special Basics that outlast a season, in style as
well as superiority.

Sissy-Boy Homeland is Sissy-Boy’s refreshing vision on clothing and interior. Besides
the latest collections for men, women and the Junior line for kids, you will find a unique combination of
old and new tables, cabinets and chairs, quilts, magnificent tea sets, lighting, mirrors, glassware, wallpaper,
candles and candlesticks. There is also an extensive collection of care products, including traditional
Moroccan hamam bathing products and French olive oil-based soaps. Since 2009, we also have our own
beautiful towel and care line with the Sissy-Boy Homeland label. Our goal is a multifaceted product range,
produced under our own label.

At Sissy-Boy Daily the aroma of coffee and freshly-baked bread greets you. You can pull up a chair for a delicious
breakfast or a lunch with soups that change daily, but also, for example, for a cappuccino with a fresh
blueberry muffin or granny’s apple pie. Traditional regional products are used. What makes Sissy-Boy truly
unique, is the fact that all available items are for sale. From the roll that you eat, the drink that you drink,
the plate you’re eating from and the cutlery, to the chairs and tables. 

Contact Details


Biesland 7

1948RJ Beverwijk

Tel.: +31 (0)251 361 300