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Company: Viapaq

Invested in:  July 2014

Status:  active, under management

Continental has decided to sell its Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assembly site in France – Rambouillet - to Varova effective from July 1st 2014. The site will continue as a stand-alone company, Viapaq. Continental will continue to be an important partner of Viapaq and will support Varova in successfully establishing Viapaq as an independent supplier of PCBs for the automotive, lighting, medical and other high-tech industries.

The newly created Viapaq will be a high-tech PCB assembly & service company manufacturing high complexity PCBs in both low and high volumes. It will offer PCB services spanning the entire supply chain: from product development and layout optimization to logistic services and after sales support.

Viapaq builds on a long track record of supplying the automotive industry through its former parent company, Continental. Its quality management, process control, operational performance and development capabilities are of the highest standards. This legacy combined with Varova’s track record of successfully turning corporate carve outs into stand alone, healthy businesses, is a solid basis on which to further grow the activities in Rambouillet. Varova will invest substantially over the coming years - in people, technology and manufacturing assets - to assist Viapaq in successfully establishing itself as an independent company.

In addition, Varova’s portfolio company ‘The Nordeon Group’ –-one of Europe’s leading lighting companies - will form a strategic partnership with Viapaq for the development and manufacturing of LED engines and related technologies to be used in the Nordeon Group’s extensive portfolio of LED luminaires. This provides Viapaq with immediate access to new customers and markets.

Contact Details

1, rue de Clairefontaine

78120 Rambouillet Cedex


+33 (0) 1 34 57 59 00