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Company:  Vulkan

Invested in:  March 2013 

Status:  active, under management

On March 14th 2013 all assets, activities and people from Vulkan GmbH have been acquired by Nordeon. Vulkan’s long history and excellent track record in the development, manufacturing and sales of professional outdoor luminaires will further strengthen Nordeon’s position in the outdoor luminaires market in Germany and beyond.

Nordeon is a Dutch professional luminaire and lamps manufacturer with manufacturing sites in Springe in Germany and Chalon-sur-Saone in France. Nordeon was founded in October of 2012 with the acquisition of Philips’ professional luminaire manufacturing and development site in Springe by Varova. In December the group was further expanded with the acquisition of Philips’ professional lamps manufacturing site in Chalon.

Vulkan is a well known street lighting brand with high name recognition in cities and among utility companies in the German-speaking world.  Founded in 1898, Vulkan has more than a hundred years experience in the field of efficient street lighting.  From lighting up the banks of the Rhine river for the first time with electrical light in 1914, to the cityskyline of Cologne in 1928, to today where Vulkan is lighting up many cities like Römerstein and Stadthagen with their energy efficient LED luminaires. Lately Vulkan has developpped the Scape, a new range of LED luminaires for industrial usage, which was successfully used ao for Franken Guss in Kitzingen.

Vulkan’s product range is aimed primarily at the market for cost effective and efficient decorative functional lighting with high-quality, energy efficient solutions and the latest Led technology.

‘Vulkan’s strong brand name, product portfolio and team will accelerate our ambitions in the outdoor luminaire market. Furthermore, its industry product range is very complimentary to Nordeon’s.’, says Pierre van Lamsweerde, CEO of the Nordeon group.

Nordeon’s Springe site in Germany will become the new home of the Vulkan team and its activities. Nordeon Springe is a former AEG and Philips luminaires development and manufacturing site. It is one of Europe’s largest manufacturing sites of professional LED based luminaires for retail, industry and outdoor markets.

Nordeon Springe’s Managing Director Michael Bartesch is looking forward to the integration; ‘Our LED development capabilities and manufacturing platform will further enhance Vulkan’s product portfolio’.

Soeren Hjorth, Vulkan’s current CEO will join the Nordeon global management team as global sales director. In this role he will lead the commercial team and drive Nordeon’s sales in Europe and its export markets. ‘I truly believe that Nordeon is exactly the place where Vulkan needs to be at this point in time. This transfer will allow us to continue to deliver the value to our customers that they have gotten used to expecting from Vulkan.’



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