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Company:   GSUS Industries

Invested in :  July 2010

Status:  active, under management

GSUS INDUSTRIES is a Dutch fashion brand with presence in more than 20 countries. GSUS INDUSTRIES, founded in 1993 successfully built an image as a rebel design brand with a very colorful look. The company peaked in 2005 with a successful adult portfolio, kids portfolio and 14 own retail stores. The growth of fast fashion brands and the many newly launched GSUS copycats led to a decline during the past 4 years. Varova together with new management helps to reposition the brand, fix the fundamentals of the organization and grow the brand in Benelux and some selected foreign markets.

Contact Details

GSUS Industries

Johan van Hasseltweg 27

1021 KN Amsterdam

tel. + 31(0)20 5095555